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Kickstart CSR Initiatives with Tocndix

January 12, 2024


The article discusses the increasing importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for businesses and the challenges it poses, particularly in terms of requiring technological updates and significant contributions from IT. 

While CSR initiatives are crucial for building public trust and making positive impacts on the environment and society, they can strain budgets and divert attention from other business opportunities.

To address these challenges, Tocndix has developed the Mendix Solutions Template, which enables businesses to quickly launch CSR initiatives, streamline team formation, and assign responsibilities across the organization. By leveraging Mendix’s low-code platform, teams can create customized CSR experiences that align with their specific goals and values.

“One of the main challenges for CSR teams is to become aware of and centralize the actions already taken and to stimulate new initiatives from employees. Another aspect is to validate the CSR relevance of these initiatives.”

Yves Benchimol, Tocndix project lead.

Sales Configurator

Sales Configurator

Online commerce websites and price comparison platforms have accustomed us to finding products intuitively through a series of questions presented by e-merchants.
We choose a category, a price, and sometimes the system suggests additional filters such as usage, connectivity, etc. With just a few clicks, we find the desired product.

Manage Your 3D Printing Projects with Tocndix

Manage Your 3D Printing Projects with Tocndix

3D Printing Boom Creates Project Management Headache (But Fear Not!)
3D printers are taking businesses by storm, but managing complex projects with traditional tools is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Accounting reconciliation

Accounting reconciliation

Do you know the puzzle of accounting reconciliation?
One might say that a well-thought-out Excel spreadsheet is enough, right?
In fact, it’s much more complex than one might imagine, and there are various application solutions on the market that can address it.

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