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Merchandising Management


Merchandising Management

Discover our web and mobile application solution developed by Tocndix, specially designed to meet the needs of in-store merchandising professionals. Our platform provides advanced logistics management to efficiently handle hundreds of campaigns simultaneously.
Even if you’re working with multiple brands or chains, our application allows you to seamlessly coordinate your operations. It provides marketing managers of major brands with a comprehensive overview of the effectiveness of their campaigns, while offering precise tracking of the availability of demonstration products in stores.
Our solution goes beyond mere campaign tracking. It enables you to benefit from a smooth replenishment process for both materials and demonstration products. This key feature helps you deliver an exceptional customer experience and maintain a consistent presence in stores.
With this new Tocndix application, you have a powerful and user-friendly tool that simplifies the management of your merchandising activities. Through better organization, increased responsiveness, and enhanced visibility into your operations, you can improve overall efficiency and deliver superior results to your partners and clients.
Don’t miss the opportunity to simplify your in-store merchandising process with our Tocndix web and mobile application solution. Take advantage of a comprehensive and feature-rich system to optimize your operations, strengthen your business relationships, and provide a quality experience to your brands and clients.

Good to know!

According to a recent study, effective in-store merchandising management can lead to an average 20% increase in sales, by optimizing product layout, promotions and customer experience.

According to a survey conducted among representatives of major brands, nearly 70% of them believe that tracking the effectiveness of merchandising campaigns is essential for assessing return on investment and improving marketing strategies.

An analysis of data from multiple retailers revealed that regular replenishment of demonstration products in stores can significantly increase customer conversion, with an average sales increase of 30%.

According to data collected from various industry players, logistics management for hundreds of parallel merchandising campaigns can generate cost savings of up to 25% through optimized planning and better resource utilization.
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The logistical challenge of merchandising

In a fast-paced consumer world, major brands are constantly faced with the need to launch and manage numerous merchandising campaigns across different stores.
These marketing operations are a real logistical headache for brands, points of sale, and on-site sales representatives: products, stands, signs, etc.

An innovative and effective solution made by Tocndix

Tocndix’s value proposition for this challenge is a software suite designed to meet the specific needs of our Consumer Goods clients. Our solution provides a mobile platform for in-store sales representatives and campaign organizers, enabling the measurement of performance and impact of operations, optimizing costs and logistics, and saving time while improving efficiency.
Field teams can collect and share real-time information, enhance their communication with campaign organizers, and increase productivity.
Major brands can thus better understand the real-time impact of merchandising in retail outlets. Resulting in improved business outcomes.

Tocndix puts its talents and methods at the service of major brands and distribution.

The Agile working method, including on the client side, ensures close collaboration with our clients throughout the development process.

Our expertise in Low-Code development on Mendix and our knowledge of the functional domain enabled a very rapid deployment of this suite.

Finally, our software solution for the distribution world has allowed our clients to stand out from the competition, save time, reduce costs, and achieve improved business results.