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PCB Production Monitoring


PCB Production Monitoring

Monetization of Complex Services

We have developed an application in collaboration with Siemens, called ‘Valor NPI Access,’ with the aim of making their Valor NPI system accessible to a wide range of clients. Using the Mendix platform, we have created a user-friendly e-commerce interface that provides a SaaS solution for this comprehensive and powerful software. This application is specifically designed to facilitate testing of electronically designed Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layouts in CAD.

With our application, PCB manufacturers can easily create an account, purchase credits, and submit their CAD design files. They can visualize their circuits in 3D and obtain detailed reports on anomalies detected by Valor NPI.

Our user-friendly solution simplifies access to this advanced technology, enabling PCB manufacturers to fully leverage the features of Valor NPI.

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The planning and scheduling of team tasks in the workshop remain complex to manage.

For large industrial or heavy and complex equipment manufacturers, workshop activity planning is crucial. Expert resources are scarce, schedules are tight, and it is impossible to mobilize resources and chains while configuring the correct workflow cadence.