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solution – industrial design

3D Printing management


Optimizing 3D printing jobs

Our Mendix-based application transforms the way internal 3D printing jobs are managed across diverse technologies and material, offering streamlined allocation, accurate cost estimation, and a comprehensive Gantt view for efficient job planning. It empowers businesses to enhance productivity and customer satisfaction through optimized workflows and resource utilization

Project Overview

Typical usage scenario

At Tocndix, we have developed an advanced application on Mendix that caters to diverse industries, including manufacturing, which undertake numerous internal 3D printing jobs using internal printing facilities.

This powerful tool manages incoming requests by efficiently allocating them based on different printing technologies and materials, ensuring optimal utilization of resources.

Our application provides a comprehensive and synthetic overview of each job, allowing users to easily track the requested specifications, estimated timeframes, and associated costs. The ability to gain insights into the time and cost of each job enables businesses to make informed decisions and optimize their operational efficiency.

Moreover, our application offers a Gantt view of the entire job execution planning, enabling users to visualize and manage the scheduling of all printing tasks. This feature facilitates effective resource allocation, minimizes bottlenecks, and ensures timely project completion.

To enhance workflow efficiency, our app includes a streamlined validation process for job requests. It also allows users to enrich the job details, starting from a simple request and progressing through material selection and the breakdown of intermediate pieces. Additionally, it incorporates a financial assessment module, enabling businesses to evaluate the cost implications of each job accurately.

With our comprehensive application, industries engaged in 3D printing can streamline their operations, optimize resource allocation, and achieve greater productivity, ultimately leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and improved business outcomes.


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      Request Management

      Efficiently manage incoming 3D printing requests from various industries. Allocate requests based on printing technologies and materials

      Jobs list Overview

      Gain a synthetic overview of each job, including requested specifications, estimated timeframes, and associated costs.

      Gantt View and Planning

      Visualize and manage the scheduling of all printing tasks through a Gantt view. Effectively allocate resources, minimize bottlenecks