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Mendix a Catalyst for Digital Transformation


Customized applications and turnkey solutions.

To better meet our clients’ needs, we have expanded our tailored services with turnkey applications and operational templates

Turnkey Solution

We offer ready-to-use applications and customizable templates

Customized Applications

We execute projects based on client specifications using Agile methodology


Powerful applications, easily and quickly

Low-Code platforms enable the faster and more resource-efficient development of business applications through an intuitive interface that minimizes the lines of code required to create the desired application.

The use of Mendix technology enables us to deliver a reliable application that can easily integrate with your existing systems (Oracle, Salesforce, FICO, and SAP).
Lastly, the Mendix platform provides digital collaboration tools to promote the adoption of the Agile method and enhance collaboration between your business and IT services.

  • Enterprise Security and Integration
  • Centralized application management
  • One-click deployment
  • Flexible user interface
  • Interfaces adaptable quickly and easily

Mendix expertise

In addition to our extensive experience in creating secure and robust applications, our Low-Code developers are certified by Mendix, the leading Low-Code platform.


We use the Mendix low-code platform to accelerate the creation of your professional application without compromising control.

Process automation

Elimination of manual tasks, digitization of forms, elimination of errors, and real-time access to data.


Tocndix experts are dedicated to optimizing your operational processes. We create your applications with you, for you.

Proof of Concept (POC)

The process of creating your professional application is so fast that you get a POC in the blink of an eye to test new models or processes for your business

High degree of customization

We create software that meets your needs. Thanks to the Agile working process, we are able to deliver a market-ready MVP in record time.


Empower your team to automate every business activity, internally, and explore new opportunities to increase profitability.


Our strengths

Through a visual development approach, with ‘drag-and-drop’ components via a graphical user interface, this low-code platform significantly enhances design and delivery timelines by minimizing manual coding.

Furthermore, the Mendix platform encourages developers to adopt an Agile approach.

By working in short iterative cycles and establishing shorter feedback loops, your team.


Optimizes the development process


Reduces time to market


Reduces development costs

Low-Code Platform – Mendix


How do low-code platforms contribute to accelerating Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is no longer a choice To stay ahead of the competition and better meet consumer needs, organizations must optimize their operational processes. Budgets are limited, and often, time is a critical factor in the decision-making process. With low-code technology, businesses can enhance their productivity and enrich the customer experience with applications that are created easily and quickly. Built on an ergonomic interface and visual modeling tools, low-code platforms significantly reduce the time and cost of software development, while still offering various customization and design options.

Low-Code vs No Code ?

Both Low-Code and No Code optimize the software development process by reducing time to market and development costs. To achieve this, they provide a graphical user interface, ‘drag-and-drop’ components, and sets of pre-built functions and modules. They also promote the implementation of the Agile methodology in application development. Low-Code platforms are designed to be used by both developers and business users for the development of various applications, creating simple to complex software with minimal manual coding effort. No Code platforms allow citizen developers to create simple applications without writing a single line of code. “These platforms are perfect for users who want to create an application with a smart interface but lack coding skills. Applications developed with No Code are less customizable in terms of functionality, but the difference is barely noticeable to the end user.

What type of application can I create with Low-Code?

Low-Code enables developers and business users to create applications with minimal effort and enhance the user experience (customers or employees), regardless of the industry or level of complexity. Low-code platforms like Mendix enable four main types of application creation: innovative applications, customer engagement applications, operational efficiency applications, and migration applications. On the same platform and using the same data model structure, Mendix enables you to efficiently develop both web and mobile applications. Examples of applications created using low-code technology include customer engagement, customer relationship management, supply chain management, operations management, accounting, human resources management, etc.

What is a Citizen Developer?

A « citizen developer » is a business user or any team member without coding skills, capable of modifying or maintaining IT solutions. Low-code platforms use visual components, drag-and-drop editors, and pre-built business functions, making application development as simple and accessible as possible. At Tocndix, we’ve created the ultimate framework to bring the necessary tools and information to all your team members to make them productive members of the IT team and support the digital transformation initiative.

Is Low-Code the future of application development?

Gartner predicts that by 2021, the demand for application development will increase at least five times faster than the capacity of enterprises to deliver functional software. Furthermore, by 2024, Gartner estimates that 65% of all application development will utilize low-code platforms. At the same time, Forrester predicts that the low-code market will reach $21 billion (in spending) by 2022. By providing powerful tools to develop complex applications while reducing development time and cost without compromising software quality, design, and security, low-code technology enables businesses to accelerate their digital transformation and address common challenges within the digitization process.


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