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Industry expertise meets low-code power to achieve your digital transformation goals

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Industry expertise meets low-code power to achieve your digital transformation goals


We assist you in adopting low-code for your business applications.

Ten times faster and three times less expensive, low-code adheres to your governance rules as well as the industrialization, security, and quality criteria required by your IT department.

Business application design

Our experts create professional applications in a matter of weeks using the Mendix platform

Cross-Functional Workflows

We facilitate collaboration and data exchange among the various business departments within your organization.

IT System Modernization

Adding the Low-Code layer to your legacy systems will facilitate data access and interaction between different applications

Connectivity and Mobility

We leverage the Mendix platform to ensure connectivity to enterprise data from both mobiles and tablets, in both Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and native applications


We support our clients in building their proficiency in low-code, enhancing their independence in managing their projects


We deliver solutions that address the unique challenges of top market sectors.

Banks and Finance

Low-code makes perfect sense in this sector, especially where Legacy integration consumes a significant portion of IT teams’ efforts. It empowers business units to gain autonomy and define their own solutions without falling into the ‘Shadow IT’ trap and its associated security risks.

Furthermore, the Mendix platform promotes the rapid deployment of ad-hoc solutions and the prototyping, in a production environment, of complex functionalities before their integration into the IT system. With Tocndix’s industry and technical expertise, your requirements will come to life in production within a few weeks.


In the insurance sector, agility and responsiveness are essential to meet the changing needs of customers and regulatory developments. Thanks to our functional experts, we create applications tailored to your business context, addressing aspects such as policy management, claims processing, and the automation of internal processes.

The results are immediate: operational efficiency, reduction of errors, and a complete digital customer experience. From risk pricing to contract management and claims tracking, our solutions help you maintain competitiveness in the insurance industry.


Large-scale retail and fast-moving consumer goods pose specific challenges, such as inventory management, logistics, and personalization of the customer experience.

Our solutions optimize your inventory, streamline merchandising campaigns, automate ordering and delivery processes, and analyze sales data. Thus, you stay ahead of the competition and enhance your image.

Whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, or distributor, our expertise in low-code application development tailored to the retail sector optimizes your processes, accelerates your operations, and taps into new growth opportunities


In the era of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing, simplifying processes and meeting time-to-market deadlines are major challenges for the industry.

As a partner and supplier of Siemens, we have gained recognized expertise in areas such as computer-aided design (CAD/CAM), shop floor management, and renewable energies. Trust in our expertise to successfully execute your industrial projects and achieve your goals.

Agriculture & Agri-Processing

The backbone of the economy, agriculture and agri-processing feed the world. Amidst climate challenges, evolving consumer demands for sustainable practices, and stricter regulations, our low-code solutions empower you to optimize traceability, inventory management, and processes throughout your supply chain. Embrace sustainable practices to reduce your environmental impact and meet the expectations of eco-conscious consumers. Enhance the efficiency of your production and processing operations, and target customers effectively with integrated marketing tools.

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A 100% Low-Code Professional Team


We have the most experienced and certified Mendix talents, ensuring optimal quality and performance for your projects

Official Partner

Tocndix is an official partner of Mendix and Siemens, covering development, training, and license sales

Human-Sized Company

Customer satisfaction and the quality of our services rely on our listening skills and the availability of a responsive and motivated team

International Presence

With offices in France and Israel, Tocndix operates worldwide with its multilingual team






They trusted us, and you?

I have collaborated with them on several Mendix application development projects, and I can say they are passionate experts in digital transformation, application design, usability, technology, and the success of their clients.

In each application, the multidisciplinary team has been entirely available, flexible, and has demonstrated creative skills and adaptability to the project, ensuring its rapid implementation.

Benoit Bernheim

Marketing IT Innovation & Advisory officer, Allianz

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