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Operational solutions

Operational solutions

We have designed and developed turnkey applications based on common business needs. The development of these applications in Mendix ensures user-friendly implementation and customization of features either by you or through our services.

The TeamerTime management

This application allows all service-oriented businesses to manage their teams’ working hours and track the profitability of projects

The TrackerTask management

As a tool for managing and tracking application bugs and corrections, The Tracker facilitates collaboration among project managers, QA, and developers.


The work of caregivers for the elderly should be monitored and coordinated by home care associations and nursing homes, involving families. Nedivoot facilitates this tripartite communication


This template, designed for aviation, allows the transformation of passenger aircraft into cargo planes. A graphical interface model for monitoring the deployment.

Retail sales configurateur Retrail

This dynamic product catalog addresses the challenge of most complex commercial offerings with multi-criteria options

CSR ScoringSustainability

This application template will facilitate the deployment of a CSR approach within your company. It comes with a set of 200 questions distributed across 17 categories

Reconciliations toolFinance

Reconciliation is one of the most laborious exercises for accounting services and finance professionals. This tool helps identify discrepancies and gaps between two data sources

3D Printing managementIndustry

3D printing is time-consuming and costly; it requires management tools to optimize workflow.


Debt collection is a universal need, and our application for managing outstanding payments facilitates this process.

Company searchBank and Insurance

Integrate legal and financial information available on Infogreffe into the company search functions of your applications

Loan Underwriting ProcessBanking

This application template enables financial institutions to offer consumer loan products to their end customers

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