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Product Life Cycle

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Product Life Cycle

We have developed an innovative solution for asset managers, called ‘Product Life Cycle. This sector involves the frequent issuance of financial products, requiring coordination among various departments within the company, such as risk management, compliance, operations, finance, and marketing. Traditionally, this process can take several months, leading to complexity and less smooth communication among these numerous stakeholders. Through our collaborative tool focused on the product and the reduction of issuance timelines, we enable efficient management of all requirements and tasks necessary for a successful launch.
Our solution ensures comprehensive traceability of all stages in the workflow, comprising 4 to 6 phases, and ensures the gradual compilation of a complete product profile, integrating all internal and regulatory documents necessary for proper distribution through networks affiliated with the asset manager. Without our tool, this would involve constant email exchanges and multiple document versions, with no certainty about the precise progress of product definition.
Thanks to our industry expertise and proficiency with the Mendix platform, we developed this application in less than 2 months. Today, it is operational at several asset managers, enabling them to optimize their processes and ensure a smooth and efficient management of their product life cycle.

Good to know!

    • “Until September 2021, the average daily volume of Euro Medium Term Notes (EMTN) issuances in Europe was approximately 20 billion euros.
    • 2100 new ISIN codes were created in 2021.
    • The issuance of a note takes between 8 weeks and 3 months – a reduction of 3 to 4 weeks from this timeframe.
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The issuance of financial products, the keystone of Asset Managers’ business

Asset managers regularly issue new financial products intended for retail distribution networks. The constant and ever-renewing demand for new products, underlyings, or markets is consistently on the rise. The creation of a new fund on listed markets, for example, poses a real organizational, regulatory, and technical challenge.

Tocndix enhances collaboration between silos in the product life cycle

In response to this challenge, Tocndix has developed an application based on Mendix, made available to major asset managers in Europe and the United States. The application stands out for the natural and smooth collaboration of all stakeholders in the creation of a new product: Finance, Risk, Compliance, Operations, Marketing, etc.

Thus, all phases of creating or modifying a product are accessible to everyone, and the dozens of tasks and documents to produce are allocated to the competent team. The product specification, compliance, and financial business plan are developed progressively as tasks are completed and each phase is finalized.

Low Code professionals serving a demanding sector

Thanks to its mastery of Mendix and the finance sector, Tocndix has developed an efficient and highly configurable tool, making this application valuable to all major players in asset management
Our solution has enabled our clients to gain efficiency, productivity, and significantly increase their competitiveness by issuing new financial products within record timeframes