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Agricultural transformation management


Raw material transformation monitoring

The large French agricultural group entrusted us with the development of an application using Mendix to track all stages of beet transformation into finished products across all factories within the group.

This application meticulously tracks the various stages of production: harvesting in the agricultural fields, transportation to the factories, weighing of the shipments upon arrival, sampling for quality controls, cleaning, chemical analysis, waste management, and much more.

The technical uniqueness of the solution lies in interfacing with the company’s GAIA databases, as well as connecting to IoT for the weighing scales and entry barriers of trucks loaded with beets at the factories.

A portion of the development is carried out for native mobile, tablet, and phone applications (iOS and Android) to allow crane operators and truck drivers to record the progress of their work.

The main challenge of this mobile version is data synchronization in agricultural areas lacking internet connectivity (complete absence of network).

Beyond the traditional benefits of low-code development, this project truly leverages the core strengths of Mendix, whether it’s for managing mobility, API interconnection, IoT, or precise security rule management.


Good to know!

The primary agricultural processing industry in France:

  • This industry consists of four main sectors of primary processing: milling, fats and oils, sugar, and starches and their derivatives.
  • It processes approximately 53 million tonnes of agricultural raw materials such as wheat, corn, sugar beet, rapeseed, soybeans, sunflower, potatoes, and leguminous peas.
  • It occupies approximately 4 million hectares of cultivated land.


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Tocndix puts its talents and methods at the service of agricultural transformation.

The primary agricultural processing offers for sale traditional ingredients used in food: oil, sugar, flour, starch, and starch.

Industrialists distribute these products either directly to domestic consumers, through the food industry incorporating them into their recipes, or for export, thus positively contributing to the international trade balance.

The sales of these productions are primarily intended for the food market but can also be used in animal nutrition and non-food industry. In this regard, this sector embodies the bioeconomy and its principles of sustainability.

Finally, it is committed to providing sustainable and quality products by developing sustainability initiatives with industry partners and implementing certification and information tools to meet consumer expectations.

Our expertise in Low Code development on Mendix and our domain knowledge enabled a very rapid deployment of the solution.

Ultimately, this solution has allowed our clients to stand out from the competition, save time, reduce costs, while offering improved business outcomes.