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Credit request management

Financial services

Credit request management

Credit requests are strategic in the banking industry.

They are among the key marketing and commercial actions initiated in this sector. Each lead must be handled with particular efficiency, whether it is an inbound or outbound call.
Facilitating lead qualification and accessing its financial information almost instantly, if available, are crucial factors for the performance of acquisition campaigns.
“Several solutions have been developed by our teams, addressing both the general public and businesses. Each one relies on various databases and internal solutions unique to the company. They are available for sales representatives on various devices, both locally and remotely.
All performance indicators are monitored to optimize campaigns and validation processes.
This project perfectly illustrates the ability to address heavy and complex internal process challenges in an agile, low-code mode, thanks to Mendix.


Good to know!

Credit via bank cards is on the rise

Record debt via credit cards in the United States: more than a billion dollars in 2023.

While the demand for credit has even fallen
notably in the United States with application rates of 41.2% in 2023 vs. 44.8% in 2022 and 45.8% in 2019 the amount of credit card debt increased by another 4.7% in the last quarter of 2023.

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The credit market is highly competitive

Finding a foothold in the credit market is challenging for financial institutions. With a multitude of offers and demands, the competition is fierce. From mortgage loans to consumer loans, revolving or renewable credits, leasing contracts (such as LOA and LLD), credit buybacks or loan consolidation bridge loans micro-credits, and professional loans for businesses—every marketing and sales avenue is explored, demanding technical solutions to keep pace.

Enhanced security rules

When considering the sensitivity of data in the financial sector, one understands the importance placed by IsraCard in the choice of the Mendix solution and its provider, Tocndix. The management of roles, control rules, and data access are perfectly handled by our teams.

An architecture designed by experts.

When low-code projects reach such a scale, both strategically and in terms of data processing complexity, it is imperative to engage the best experts to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Isracard entrusted Tocndix with this challenging task, and the results are evident.