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Tocndix presents its innovative application in the field of factoring.

Thanks to the use of Low-Code technology, we have been able to develop a modern, efficient, smooth, and flexible application. Our application focuses primarily on managing reminders and escalation for each invoice, based on the age and criticality level of each client. With our tool, you can automatically generate emails and letters for late payers.

The application features 4 levels of escalation, and you have the ability to configure all aspects, such as deadlines and criteria. This flexibility allows you to adapt the application according to your specific needs. Furthermore, our application is multilingual, allowing you to use it in the language of your choice, thus facilitating communication with your international clients.

With our factoring application, you can optimize and automate the invoice reminder process, thereby improving your cash flow and reducing payment delays. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, our application helps you efficiently manage your collection operations and maintain good relationships with your clients.

Good to know!

With 364.9 billion euros of receivables supported by factoring companies, the market is returning to growth compared to 2020, which managed 323.5 billion euros of receivables.

This represents an additional 41.4 billion euros of receivables supported and a growth of +12.8%.

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Insurance, a sector undergoing profound transformation.

The world of insurance has undergone a true digital revolution in recent years. Insurance companies must modernize their processes and adapt to an ever-changing environment, involving numerous new partners and professions.

Many solutions are available through Low Code platforms.

For several years, Tocndix has specialized—among other things—in meeting the modernization needs of large insurance groups in Europe and digitizing their businesses. As such, many applications are in production at our clients’ sites: Dunning (Relance et Escalade) in invoice collection, either in-house or as a SaaS service for the SME clients of the insurance company, Sales Configurator to assist sales representatives in selling complex policies, and also residual risk calculation for commercial property insurance or new business activities within an enterprise.

It’s great to hear that our clients are benefiting from Tocndix’s expertise!

With our expertise in Agile development and low-code, we are able to quickly and effectively develop applications tailored to the specific needs of insurance companies. We are also specialized in using the Mendix platform to address the challenges of modern insurance, providing agile, flexible, and scalable solutions to accompany our clients towards success.