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Sales Configurator

April 12, 2024


Online commerce websites and price comparison platforms have accustomed us to finding products intuitively through a series of questions presented by e-merchants.
We choose a category, a price, and sometimes the system suggests additional filters such as usage, connectivity, etc. With just a few clicks, we find the desired product.
Behind these websites are “smart catalogs” with well-thought-out databases that sometimes use artificial intelligence and rely on complex and… very costly solutions.
At Tocndix, we have developed a simple and powerful solution to transform a complex catalog into an effective tool for sales representatives.

Infinite needs

The project was built from a case of heat pumps but it is available on all types of products with multiple criteria and complex configurations.
For heat pumps, this involves the type of dwelling, local climate, temperature variations, or the presence of a pool…
But the needs are infinite. We could integrate a catalog of plants: for interior or garden use, manual or automatic watering, colors, prices, and more.
Or a catalog of utility vehicle rentals with criteria such as type, usage, size, electric or gasoline, consumption, price, brand, and more.
In our application, you can appreciate the simplicity and user-friendliness of the search in 3 steps, as well as the logic of prioritization between price and efficiency. The display of responses includes a relevance score, and technical information is presented with adjustable sliders to refine the search.

Personalization at the heart of the application

Unless you sell heat pumps, this application will not be usable as is; you will need to integrate your own catalog.
The administration module developed by Tocndix allows you to do this from a simple Excel file.
Certainly, most screens will also need to be customized due to having developed this application under Mendix; these adaptations are entirely feasible.
Indeed, the low-code Mendix platform allows for the addition of attributes and the modification of screens in an extremely intuitive manner. A knowledgeable end-user can easily integrate their catalog, modify color codes, and adjust criteria within the pages.

What about security and rights management?

These questions become even more relevant considering that your pricing strategies should not be accessible to the competition, and sales representatives should not be able to change selling prices at their discretion.
Another advantage of Mendix: recognized as a leader in the low-code market, this platform has incorporated all the security constraints and rights management that major international accounts impose on their IT departments.

Availability on tablets and smartphones for sales representatives.

Indeed, mobility is the number one constraint for applications intended for sales representatives.

Some use their phones, while others use tablets, and the application must function in all configurations under both iOS and Android.

Furthermore, connectivity is not always available, and the application must continue to function.

Once again, Mendix allows for the adaptation of the application to all mobile versions in native or Progressive Web App (PWA) mode, all without the need for expert intervention.

You will have understood that this template developed by Tocndix derives most of its virtues from its development platform: Mendix from the Siemens group.

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