5 reasons to use the Mendix 2023 low-code platform

March 14, 2023

In just a few years, Mendix has become the world leader in low-code development. The software’s promise? Develop an application quickly and easily with minimal coding. If you’ve decided to give in to the low-code temptation, but don’t know which platform to choose, we give you five good reasons to use Mendix…

What is Mendix?

Mendix is a low-code platform that lets you develop applications using a minimum of code. Created in 2005, the software is now considered the leader in its field. Its visual interface makes it easy to use and accessible to the widest possible audience. Mendix has even been recognized in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant 2020 as the leader in multi-experience development platforms.

Why choose low-code platform Mendix?

The Mendix low-code platform has been designed to be used by both experienced and amateur developers. Speed, flexibility, adaptability: the promises of this software are numerous. We explain why the Mendix low-code platform is the best way to develop your applications…

“For a long time, developing an application was reserved for developers, due to the need to know how to code. With Mendix, coding is no longer an obstacle!”

A visual interface for development

Mendix’s visual interface makes application development a breeze! Its drag-and-drop system is easy to use and accessible to all. For a long time, application development was the preserve of developers, because of the need to know how to code. With Mendix, code is no longer a barrier! You can even upload an Excel file and let Mendix Studio create the application on its own. Your teams gain in speed and productivity.

A collaborative platform that promotes agile methods

Mendix is a platform that encourages collaboration between your different teams. In particular, it encourages the use of agile methods for project management. Thanks to its integrated tools and visual interface, Mendix enables your IT, business and marketing departments to work together simultaneously on the same application. This means that every employee can play an active part in every stage of your project’s development. This greatly improves communication between your various departments, and encourages innovation within your company.

A single application for multiple devices

Gone are the days when you had to develop an application for every device! Applications created with Mendix are responsive and compatible with all devices. If you’ve developed a web application and need a mobile version, you won’t have to start from scratch. All you need to do is create a beautiful application that can be deployed on PC, mobile or tablet, while remaining user-friendly.

Greater flexibility thanks to an integrated development environment

Whether it’s Oracle, SAP, Salesforce or FICO, Mendix lets you connect all the applications you already use. The low-code platform is compatible with a wide range of solutions and protocols, including REST, JDBC and ODATA. With Mendix, integration is easy and frustration-free. Thanks to open APIs, developers can quickly connect the platform to the various systems used within your company. Mendix offers hundreds of pre-built connectors that will save you precious time. Being totally open source, the platform also offers you optimum flexibility.

Better governance and safety

One of the advantages of the Mendix low-code platform is centralized application management. The software gives you access to a dashboard from which you can fully manage and configure your applications. This enables your IT department to update and debug all applications from the same interface. This makes it easy to maintain all your projects. With Mendix’s centralized management system, you get better governance. You’ll reduce shadow IT and improve your company’s security.

In addition to these 5 good reasons, the Mendix low-code platform offers you a host of features that guarantee the development of beautiful, completely user-friendly, next-generation applications.

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