The winning trio of digital acceleration: Data, Artificial Intelligence and Low-Code

October 18, 2023


Our extensive experience in low-code development, particularly on the Mendix platform, and the analysis of all the use cases that we have developed for our clients over the past 4 years allows us today to gain height and offer you a relevant analysis of the catalysts for the digital transformation of companies. We have identified a trio that is decisive for the success of the digital transition. The 3 levers that guarantee the success of a digital transformation are as follows:


Data, the nerve center of the company


Its intelligent exploitation (AI)


Business applications (low-code)

The datas

Data remains a protected and very sensitive subject in the companies for which we work. It is a precious value, but it is also perceived as a danger.
Indeed, it is often exploited by different sometimes outdated languages. Part of this data is stored on company servers, part on the cloud and often on employee PCs. One part is secure, the other less and sometimes even already left the company (Shadow IT). It is therefore imperative to start with a data structuring phase: Data Science.


Once the data is structured, artificial intelligence will make it possible to analyze this data, give it business meaning and exploit it with more intelligence and speed thanks to Machine Learning.
Together, data science and artificial intelligence enable the emergence of powerful predictive models and make it possible to offer services or improve the customer experience in a powerful way.

The low-code

Low-code (which is therefore the last link in the chain) makes it possible to articulate digital acceleration in demand (ever increasing) for rapid production of applications, secure and respectful of IT standards.

Only a strategy based on a low-code platform can claim to meet this incessant demand for new applications.

“All the efforts and investments made in Data Science and AI will only bear fruit if the company is able to deploy them consistently and securely across all areas of the company. »

These major accounts which adopt Low-Code

Let’s take for example a company that has spent the last five years structuring its data through the phases of data lake, data hub, api-fication… Beyond the structuring of data, this process has made it possible to develop connectors access. At the same time, this same company has set up a unit specializing in the development of Machine Learning models in order to improve the customer experience, optimize the use of data and other processes.

With such a configuration, low-code then emerges as THE solution for very quickly producing interfaces, which can be designed in an agile manner and in collaboration with the business. In this way, it’s possible to offer customers and employees alike a responsive browsing experience that makes use of existing algorithms or microservices, and rapidly enriches the company’s data model.


Clearly, this scenario remains the ideal case. So what about organizations less advanced in digital transformation processes?

Adaptability and flexibility

We have also supported companies in the early stages of their digitalization process. Mendix’s Low-Code solution is equally suited to these situations. The platform features a data abstraction layer called DataHub. This hub, based on ODTA technology, enables connection to widely used external APIs, simplifying secure access to application data without the need to develop specific APIs.

Low-Code, the future of application development

As predicted by Gartner and Forrester, low-code is the technology of the future for application development. It is the solution to meet the growing internal demand for developing interfaces and applications from all business areas. It also helps address the shortage of developers on the market, especially at a time when digital transformation has become a necessity for companies wishing to remain competitive.

Digital miracles

The spectrum of low-code possibilities is infinite, as it enables companies to come up with cutting-edge, innovative solutions to offer their customers, and to rapidly increase the value of their services.

As we like to say at Tocndix, low-code is here to help us achieve small digital miracles!

Does this mean low-code has no limits?

There are a few of them, and we’d like to be as transparent as possible, but that’s a subject for another article…

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