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Mendix APP Webinar

Boost your teams with the Mendix: The Teamer app



The Teamer

Managing your teams remotely or in person can be a real challenge in terms of productivity. Thanks to The Teamer you can follow the progress of your projects at a glance, optimize the allocation of resources to activities and simply monitor working time.
In this session, you will learn more about the flexibility and capabilities of the Mendix low-code platform, and how it facilitates robust application development by modeling and simplifying the entire process.


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Discover a collaborative tool for working time management and activity monitoring, simple and effective, developed on the leading low-code platform Mendix

Language: French

Available in replay – Mendix The Teamer App

    • How was The Teamer app born?
    • Why did you choose Mendix?
    • The Teamer app demo
    • Q&A


The webinar is co-organized by Tocndix and Mendix/Siemens


Benoît Simonet

MENDIX Business Developer

Oren Mizrahi

The Teamer PO, Tocndix

Aliah Harrosh

Senior Lead Developer, Tocndix