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Use the full power of SAP in the back-end of your applications, while creating business value with business applications developed rapidly on the Mendix platform.
One of the crucial questions when choosing a Low-Code platform is whether integration with existing company systems is possible.
In this session, you’ll learn more about the integration capabilities of the Mendix low-code platform, particularly with SAP.
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On the program

Create customized, scalable Web and native mobile applications faster with the Mendix low-code platform, and leverage the full power of your existing SAP systems.

Language: French

Available in replay – Mendix SAP integration

    • The power of the Mendix platform
    • Concrete examples of Mendix integration
    • Mendix SAP integration demo with SmartProd
    • Q&A


The webinar is co-organized by Tocndix, Smartprod and Mendix/Siemens


Benoît Simonet

MENDIX Business Developer

Philippe Gouverneur

CEO, SmartProd

Aliah Harrosh

Senior Lead Developer, Tocndix