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Low-code webinar

Low-Code, the future of application development?



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The low-code

Digital transformation is no longer an option, it is a necessity. All companies understand this.
But on the ground the IT departments are overwhelmed. They must face a shortage of developers and at the same time respond to the multiple demands of businesses and applications to better manage and optimize daily work processes.
The low-code buzz is undeniable, but what is it really about? Are large groups taking the low-code gamble?
During this session, you will learn more about the flexibility and capabilities of Low-code platforms and more specifically the leader Mendix, and how it facilitates the development of robust applications by modeling and simplifying business processes while respecting the governance rules.
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On the program

Will the future of business application development really be linked to Low-Code? How could this technology solve the problem of growing application demand and lack of IT resources?

Language: French

Available in replay – Low-Code, technology of the future?

    • The growing demand for apps and the shortage of developers
    • Low-Code Myths and Realities
    • Large groups adopting Low-Code


The webinar is organized by Tocndix, official Mendix/Siemens partner


Arnaud de Lagabbe

Cloud Sales Executive, MENDIX

Oren Mizrahi

The Teamer PO, Tocndix

Julia Boigienman

Sales Director, Tocndix