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Mendix applications for process automation and digitalization

Delivery time –  Between 3 weeks and 4 months


Company Background Overview

Euler Hermes is a credit insurance company that offers a wide range of bonding, guarantees and collections services for the management of business-to-business trade receivables.
A subsidiary of Allianz SE, Euler Hermes is rated AA by Standard & Poor’s. The Group posted a consolidated turnover of €2,7 billion in 2018. Euler Hermes employs +5,800 employees in over 50 countries and insured global business transactions for €962 billion in exposure at the end of 2018..

The need

We’ve delivered several different applications to efficiently manage large amount of data, reduce human intervention in work processes and increase productivity.

TOCn'Dix Solution

1.  Inboarding system for customers with automated email campaigns.
2.  Portal Communication system to inform customers and insurance
3.  Internal tool to manage new orders
4.  Bill Financing Platform

Medical supplies rental platform

Delivery time –  4 Weeks

Company Background Overview

Created in 1991 as a subsidiary of Euromedis Group, Paramat is a French group of independent distributors of medical equipment to the Health Professionals (doctors, nurses, retailers, etc.), medical community hospital and accommodation ( nursing homes in particular) and directly to individuals (patient back home, home care, elderly, dependent and disabled). Today Paramat manages more than 90 point of sale.

The need

  • Create a better rental experience for employees and end-users.
  • Rental software and real time inventory tracking and management.

TOCn'Dix Solution

B2B Flexible medical equipment rental and delivery software:


  • Billing System and Digital Rental Contracts
  • Online Quoting System
  • Online Inventory Management
  • Analytics

Extranet Network

Delivery time –  3 Weeks

Company Background Overview

Created in 1985 , the revenue of ‘L’Atelier des Compagnons Group’ reached € 60 million in 2017 and is partnering with the Maisons France Confort Group to become a major player in the BtoB building management market. SCORE SVBM, expert in construction and heavy rehabilitation, has joined in 2017 L’Atelier des Compagnons Group.

The need

  • A secure network to facilitate information exchange between business partners involved in facility management.
  • Improving coordination between suppliers, providers and customers.
  • Must ensure access granted only to authorized users.

TOCn'Dix Solution

Creation of a secure Extranet network available on Desktop and Tablets to manage and schedule facility management services:

  • User Based Authentification
  • Inventory Status
  • Visit Scheduling & Customer Feedback
  • Account Balance
  • Reporting


Training platform management

Delivery time –  3 Weeks

Company Background Overview

Next Level’s mission is to reveal employees hidden talents in order to help them grow, feel at ease with their jobs and deal more efficiently with unpredictable situations. Today, the company counts almost 30 employees and offers assistance as consultants, trainers (for classroom based or e-learning sessions) or event organizers, to meet their clients’ needs and help them acquire new fulfilling reflexes.
They have supported companies on nearly every continent: France, England, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, United States, Mexico, Middle East, Taiwan…

The need

  •  A training management system for managing, and delivering physical training sessions, including scheduling, online registrations, invoicing and managing clients data.
  • The application should be deployed fast and seamlessly integrated within their website 

TOCn'Dix Solution

 A cloud-based training activity management software for internal use:

  • Session Planning & Scheduling – Staff and Participants
  • Conference Room Scheduler 
  • CRM
  • Billing
  • Website Integration 

Drop Shipping platform

Delivery time –  5 Weeks

Company Background Overview

We couldn’t care more about your success and respect your confidentiality policy, that’s the reason we do not hesitate to sign on NDA before considering your project.

The need

  • Quickly deliver a first version of the drop shipping platform to evaluate and adjust the product-market fit.
  • As a startup on a budget, they needed a creative and cost-effective solution. 

TOCn'Dix Solution

Merger of many DropShipping API, allowing import of data and full documentation

Multiple WordPress site management

Delivery time –  Ongoing

Company Background Overview

The National Federation of French Mutuality is a professional organization which represents almost all health insurance PPO’s in France. With over 400 employees, Mutualite Francaise brings together 563 insurance compagnies, including 283 health insurance companies and defends their collective interests. It was founded in 1902. The FNMF now represents 38 million members and also manages 2,500 care centers and clinics. It represents the PPO groups with French institutional.

The need

An all-in-one solution for all the websites of the Mutualite Francaise group. Including development, management and maintenance.

TOCn'Dix Solution

1. Website development
2. Maintenance of multiple websites including updates, security issues, backups, monitoring and support
3. Content and design on-going management
4. Project management

Event management platform

Delivery time –  2 Weeks

Company Background Overview

Tag’by started its activity in 2010 in the event field, providing fun and social interaction in corporate events like conferences, trade shows and more. They’ve worked with big names like Disney, Mercedes, Roche, Kia, Deezer, and luxury brands. Tag’by’s HQ office are based in London and the R&D and marketing hub is located in Tel Aviv. The company is active in France, Netherlands, UK, Spain, Canada, Mexico and Israel.

The need

The existing managing platform was extremely complex, not user friendly and required human intervention for each new project. Moreover, after years of exploitation, the operating team identified new features that were missing to ensure clients satisfaction.


TOCn'Dix Solution

Conception and creation of customizable online registration platform based on a smart QR code, including ticketing and email campaigns module. We’ve added a Check-In web application offering name badge printing on the spot and gathering information to generate attendance reports.

We’ve also redesigned and improved their Photobooth mobile app, offering more flexibility for users and social sharing options for marketing purposes.

What people say about TOCnDix

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When it comes to Mendix Application development, we contact TOCnDix.


From the beginning, thanx to their experience in digital acceleration and low code, their approach reflects a deep care of the data and understanding of its crucial role to unlock value at speed for digital transformation. How to turn data into valuable information and especially to make it available to the right stakeholders and actors in the organization through the solutions they deliver is definitely their strength.

Being equally at ease with Business Leaders, Product Owners and IT managers and IT architects,  it’s easier to involve them in a strategy that drives digital success.


The TOCnDix team includes skilled customer oriented people, experienced engineers, dedicated to the success of our projects, who manage to show agility at every stage of the development and help us implement pragmatic and smart solutions while understanding our needs and involving our organisation in the building of the solution.


I’ve worked with them on several Mendix applications development projects, and I can tell they are experts who are passionate about digital transformation, application design, ergonomics, technology and the success of their customers.

For each application, the multidisciplinary team was fully available, flexible and brought their creative and adaptive skills to the project and its timely completion.


They made us save valuable time and resources!

Benoit Bernheim

IT Innovation & Advisory officer, at Euler Hermes, a company of Allianz

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