The TOCn’Dix approach

We strongly believe in the power of collaborative development process to deliver powerful applications, much faster and more efficiently.

Implementing the Agile project management methodology, providing a real tailored service as well as highly skilled professionals available and dedicated to your digitization process, sums up our approach quite neatly.

Our working process

Agile Methodology


Your application development process starts with a collaborative discussion to understand the challenge you’re facing and choose the best digital solution for your business’s needs.

We strongly advocate an Agile approach to development such as Scrum to ensure the most efficient and effective programming process. To support our Agile project management methodology for software development, we use the Jira platform to plan, track, and manage sprints planning (development short time frame), daily scrums (stand ups), sprints execution, and weekly meetings (retrospectives).

The product owner defines the product backlog which includes the user stories. Our scrum masters conceive the sprints backlog for the software engineers based on complexity and priority points. The Scrum methodology is designed to optimize flexibility and productivity. 

We are big believers of the Agile methodology values applied to software development.
The main principles include prioritizing collaboration, adaptability and fast delivery of a functional working application. By implementing iterative, incremental work processes and establishing efficient, face-to-face communication, we are able to considerably increase the development quality and reduce the delivery cycle time. This is mainly due to the Agile rituals such as stand ups and retrospectives, which enable a very short feedback loop and adaptation phase.

Application Development Process


Another Agile software development principle, is creating a cross-functional team, meaning having all the disciplines working together to achieve the common goal of producing and delivering high quality and secure applications. The TOCnDix multidisciplinary team consist of scrum masters, project managers, planing and analysis experts, graphic designers, UI/UX, testing and software engineers.

The scrum master is responsible for making sure the entire team works effectively to achieve optimal results. This cross-functional team works in a collaborative way in order to show a demo of a working product at the end of each iteration. The demonstration might not show a final product but it includes enough functionality to get relevant and meaningful feedback to adjust the development planning of the next sprint. It’s the core concept of the adaptive development method.

The approach to the testing phase is also a particularity of the Scrum methodology. Testing is being done at each iteration and not only at the end of the development phase. This way, we continuously adapt the application development plan to deliver faster a more valuable product. 

Finally, the Agile methodology offers transparency inside and outside the team to make progress visible and achieve the sprints objectives effectively and efficiently.


First Contact

Looking to enhance your digital transformation? Contact us today for a first free consultation to determine the objectives of the transistion and decide the next steps of your digital journey.

Discussion & Planning

For a thriving transition it is crucial to align your digital transformation with your business goals. We are here to team up, assist you in the process and master risk management


Final Strategy

We’ll prepare, develop and create your final strategy to build a scalable, innovative and optimized JJJJJJJJJJprocess.KJJJJJKK


A essential part of the digital transformation is the implementation. While technology is a main factor, we are also focusing on the people and your enterprise culture to make sure the transition is successful.


We ensure that the application quality is maintained and improved, within the post-adoption period. Our QA/QC and support experts will assist you along the way.

We love new challenges and can’t wait to hear your digital transformation and process optimization need.

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