TOCn’Dix Academy

Thanks to well managed Agile processes and our highly skilled employees, we master the Mendix platform. To such an extent, that we have developed our own innovative Mendix training program.

Our On-boarding Process

We guarantee the expertise of our Mendix masters by offering them:

Our in-house Training Platform

On-Going Support


If you are looking to build your low coding skills, whether you’re an experienced developer or you’re just getting started, the Tocndix training platform has many tools to help you get hands-on knowledge about the Mendix technology.

Based on our in-depth experience acquired from leading Mendix project development, we have elaborated our own advanced training system to provide our programmers with the fast, adequate and precise education.

As part of an overall plan to improve new employees onboarding process, we’ve built our own training tool for targeted, complex projects.

This enables us to speed up the process of integrating new hires within TOCnDix and its culture, as well as getting him the tools and information needed to become a productive member of the team and deliver our applications in the most effective way.

Additionally we offer a training program for Product Owners (PO’s) and Proxy PO’s. We’ve developed this coaching sessions to address the lack of guidance and expertise in agile project management. Once the sessions completed, the PO’s can follow effectively the application development process.

Our Methodology

Agile Methodology is at the core of the TOCn’Dix development process.

Agile application creation ensure optimum collaboration between PO’s, scrum master developers and QA’s to deliver the application in record time with minimum resources.

The PO’s role

The PO is the one who identify the need and initiate the project development. He defines the user stories that structure the work plan for the developers.

The Scrum master’s role

The Scrum master will allocate an adequate number of sprints (development unit time) for the application creation. He is responsible of the Agile methodology implementation and could be seen as the gatekeeper of the project’s success.

Transparency in the development process is key to successful agile development.

Delivering a product with the highest value in a minimum time span is our expertise. Thanks to the Scrum framework, we have the right tools to address complex issues in creative and productive ways.
Our Agile coaches are an excellent source of guidance for corporate teams to apply Agile techniques and improve any work flaw.

Why Choose us?




Fast integration

They are the main advantages that guarantee a cost effective application creation process.

We strongly believe in the benefits of the Agile development methodology implementation in our projects creation.

TOCn’Dix Academy

Thanks to our expertise in the Mendix technology, we make the most out of the joint effort between IT and business. Trade your files for robust and custom hybrid apps – mobile or desktop, we do it all!

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