Mendix is part of our DNA

Thanks to a visual development approach, using drag an drop components through a graphic user interface, this low-code platform significantly improves design and delivery times by reducing the hand coding to minimum.

Powerful applications, easily

The Mendix open platform offers fundamental advantages such as :


Using the Mendix technology enables us to deliver a secure application that can be easily integrated with your existing systems (Oracle, Salesforce, FICO and SAP).

Finally, the Mendix platform offers social collaboration tools, to encourage Agile methodology adoption and to improve collaboration between your business and IT departments.


Enterprise security and integration


Central application management


One-click deployment


Flexible UI


Design responsive interfaces quickly and easily

The Mendix platform encourage the developers to adopt an Agile approach.
Working in short iterative cycles and implementing shorter feedback loops, your team will: 


optimize the development process




REDUCE development costs

Low-Code Development

Low-coding is an innovative, visual coding approach aiming at optimizing software development, by reducing delivery time, minimizing costs and increasing the development process efficiency.

Mendix Rapid Developers Certified

The TOCnDix developers are Mendix certified. Mendix is leading Low-Coding platform. We have the right expertise and methodology to deliver any application in no time and in the most effective way, ressources wise.

Mendix Expertise

In addition to the extended experience in creating secure and complex applications, our Mendix developers have the Rapid Developers Certification from Mendix.

Highly Customizable

We create a software that fits your business and its needs. Using Agile work process, we are able to produce a MVP live to market in no time.


We use the Mendix Low Code platform to speed up the creation of your business app without sacrificing control.

Team work

Toc n’dix experts are dedicated to optimize your business processes. We built your applications with you, for you.

Proof of Concept

Your business app creation process gets so fast that you get a POC in the blink of an eye, to test new models or process for your business.

Automate processes

Eliminate manual tasks, digitalize your forms, get rid of errors, and access your data in real time.


Give your team the ability to automate any business operation, in-house and explore new opportunities to increase profitability.

We love new challenges and can’t wait to hear your digital transformation and process optimization need.

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