Full Stack Development

Turning any idea into reality is our passion and we have in-house all the tools to reach our goals.

Our Full Stack Development Skills

The TOCn’Dix developers are technology savvy with strong skillset in:

Full-stack development includes various task such as design, markup, programming and knowledge in front-end back-end development.

To master the different concepts of coding, our programmers have a deep understanding of the technical foundations and complex frameworks of numerous programming languages.

We turn concepts into reality

Our extensive experience in custom software development and implementation will help you take your business operations to the next level.

From traditional native desktop applications to hybrid app and the newest software platforms development, we have the ability to determine the best approach and method to achieve your enterprise goals, as cost effectively as possible.

Front end, back end, UI/UX, we do it all for a digital transformation process optimized.

TOCnDix brings together, under one roof, all the required professionals to bring any software concept alive.

Alongside the Mendix platform, we also design and produce applications, the traditional way.

However, we apply our Agile methodology to traditional software development and keep our innovation driven approach.

Full Stack Development

The TOCnDix team includes proficient programmers working hand-in-hand to ensure the success of your project. We cover Front-End, Back-End and Database development.


Tech Stack

No matter the technology stack your organization is using, we have the ability to deliver your application efficiently. Angular, Java, C Sharp, HTML, PHP and more, just ask and we’ll convert any concept into reality.

Agile approach

Our strength is to implement the Agile methodology in traditional development in order to save time and money and offer you a faster ROI.



Improving efficiency of your project development process doesn’t compromise your data protection and application security. We are responsible for securing both your data at rest and your data in transit.

We love new challenges and can’t wait to hear your digital transformation and process optimization need.

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