Empower your teams with The Teamer – a Mendix App

Discover a powerful projects and workforce management application. Give your (remote) workforce the flexibility they need while keeping track of your profitability metrics.


MENDIX app Webinar

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The Teamer - Mendix App Webinar

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    Coming soon – The Teamer Mendix App

    • The story of The Teamer
    • Why choosing Mendix? 
    • The Teamer app demo
    • Q&A



        Easy clock-in/clock-out,  from office or remote. Centralized time-off requests approval and management



        Get the big picture of performance and analytics. Track projects progress at a glance.



        Optimize your process of task identifications and assignments to improve your workforce productivity, using data driven decision making.

            The Speakers

            This webinar is co-organized by TOCnDix and Mendix owned by Siemens

            Leonie Van Der Sleen

            Solution Engineer at Mendix

            Oren Mizrahi

            The Teamer PO, TOCnDix

            Digital transformation

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            Managing your teams remotely or face-to-face can be a real challenge in terms of productivity. With The Teamer you can follow your projects advancement at a glance, optimize resources allocation and simply keep track of working time.

            One of the crucial questions when choosing a platform for the development of an application is flexibility, speed of creation but also the integration capabilities.

            In this session, you will learn about the flexibility and capabilities of the Mendix Low-code Platform, and how it facilitates robust application development by modeling and simplifying the entire process.


            About Us

            TOCnDix is software development company specialized in low-code development using the Mendix platform. We have extensive experience in Mendix application development. Our developers are Mendix Certified and we are official Mendix and Siemens partner.

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            The SMARTPROD application was build to support and improve the collaboration between production teams and support teams to optimize the overall production process.

            SMARTPROD is an official Mendix and Siemens partner.

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            Mendix is leading Low-Code platform, facilitating the practical implementation of RAD with visual development capabilities to enable rapid, iterative and collaborative application design and development.

            Mendix is a Siemens company.

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            Low-Code but High Capabilities

            Mendix is a powerful platform that:

            • Features comprehensive governance and control over development projects
            • Encourages collaborative development between IT and Business departments
            • Offers integration with SAP services
            • Enables Web and native mobile application development in the same environment.
            • Promotes the implementation of the Agile methodology

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            +972 54-6978327

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            +33 (6) 03025752