Mendix/SAP Integration

Build custom applications at scale – Web and native mobile, faster with the Low-code platform Mendix and extend the power of your existing SAP based systems.


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Mendix / SAP Integration Webinar

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On Demand – Mendix SAP Integration

  • Mendix Platform capabilities
  • Real example of possible integrations with Mendix
  • Behind the scenes of the SmartProd application – SAP integration
  • Q&A

      The Speakers

      This webinar is co-organized by TOCnDix, Smartprod and Mendix owned by Siemens

      Leonie Van Der Sleen

      Solution Engineer at Mendix

      Vered Lefkowitz

      Senior Lead Developer at TOCnDix

      Philippe Gouverneur

      CEO at SmartProd

      Digital transformation

      Join us on April 22nd!

      Learn how to leverage the strengths of SAP in the back end of your applications, and bring more business value by rapidly building custom applications on the Mendix Low-Code platform.

      When adopting a Low-Code platform, one of the crucial question is whether the integration with existing platform in the organization is possible.

      During this session you will learn more about the integration capabilities of the Low-code Mendix platform and more particularly with SAP.


      About Us

      TOCnDix is software development company specialized in low-code development using the Mendix platform. We have extensive experience in Mendix application development. Our developers are Mendix Certified and we are official Mendix and Siemens partner.

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      The SMARTPROD application was build to support and improve the collaboration between production teams and support teams to optimize the overall production process.

      SMARTPROD is an official Mendix and Siemens partner.

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      Mendix is leading Low-Code platform, facilitating the practical implementation of RAD with visual development capabilities to enable rapid, iterative and collaborative application design and development.

      Mendix is a Siemens company.

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      Low-Code but High Capabilities

      Mendix is a powerful platform that:

      • Features comprehensive governance and control over development projects
      • Encourages collaborative development between IT and Business departments
      • Offers integration with SAP services
      • Enables Web and native mobile application development in the same environment.
      • Promotes the implementation of the Agile methodology

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