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Mendix Expert

Mendix is the leading low-code mobile and web application development platform that allows companies to digitalize work processes, easily and promptly.


To optimize your digitalization process, we offer comprehensive  consulting services by business experts to help you achieve your organization objectives efficiently and effectively.

Low Code

Low coding uses an innovative visual approach to ease the software development process and to deliver value in a fast and reliable manner. Efficiency is our watchword.


We provide system testing services to evaluate and ensure the software functionality and its proper integration. Starting with unit testing, we cover the full software QA process.

Full Stack Development

Our team of savvy developers build full stack project from ideation to execution and implementation. PHP, Java, Angular, C Sharp… You name it, we create it.

Successful Agile Approach

Our Agile methodology makes software projects more successful at meeting business needs, and at creating applications more thoroughly than traditional waterfall methodologies.


Your Fast Track to Digital Transformation

Thanks to our expertise in the Mendix technology and the Agile methodology, we make the most out of the joint effort between IT and business. Trade your files for robust and custom hybrid apps – mobile or desktop, we do it all!

Low-Code Development

Low-coding is an innovative, visual coding approach aiming at optimizing software development, by reducing delivery time, minimizing costs and increasing the development process efficiency.

Proud Partners

TOCnDix is a certified Siemens and Mendix partner. We’ve received recognition for our expertise and skills but also for our software quality high standards and on-time delivery.

Mendix Certified Developers

The TOCnDix developers are Mendix certified. Mendix is the leading Low-Coding platform. We have the right expertise and methodology to deliver any application in no time and in the most effective way, ressources wise.

Mendix Expertise

In addition to the extended experience in creating secure and complex applications, our developers are Mendix certified.

Highly Customizable

We create a software that fits your business and its needs. Using Agile work process, we are able to produce a MVP live to market in no time.


We use the Mendix Low Code platform to speed up the creation of your business app without sacrificing control.

Team work

TOCnDix experts are dedicated to optimize your business processes. We built your applications with you, for you.

Proof of Concept

Your business app creation process gets so fast that you get a POC in the blink of an eye, to test new models or process for your business.

Automate processes

Eliminate manual tasks, digitalize your forms, get rid of errors, and access your data in real time.


Give your team the ability to automate any business operation, in-house and explore new opportunities to increase profitability.

Full Stack Development

The TOCnDix team includes proficient programmers working hand-in-hand to ensure the success of your project. We cover Front-End, Back-End and Database development.


Tech Stack

No matter the technology stack your organization is using, we have the ability to deliver your application efficiently. Angular, Java, C Sharp, HTML, PHP and more, just ask and we’ll convert any concept into reality.

Agile approach

Our strength is to implement the Agile methodology in traditional development in order to save time and money and offer you a faster ROI.



Improving efficiency of your project development process doesn’t compromise your data protection and application security. We are responsible for securing both your data at rest and your data in transit.

You’re in good company !

Check out what we’ve done for several companies in search for a partner to unlock digital transformation success. We provide digital products that create value and improve working processes efficiency to an entire spectrum of companies – from startups to large corporations and public firms.

What people say about TOCnDix

Don’t take our word for it, let our partners do the talking…

When it comes to Mendix Application development, we contact TOCnDix.


From the beginning, thanx to their experience in digital acceleration and low code, their approach reflects a deep care of the data and understanding of its crucial role to unlock value at speed for digital transformation. How to turn data into valuable information and especially to make it available to the right stakeholders and actors in the organization through the solutions they deliver is definitely their strength.

Being equally at ease with Business Leaders, Product Owners and IT managers and IT architects,  it’s easier to involve them in a strategy that drives digital success.


The TOCnDix team includes skilled customer oriented people, experienced engineers, dedicated to the success of our projects, who manage to show agility at every stage of the development and help us implement pragmatic and smart solutions while understanding our needs and involving our organisation in the building of the solution.


I’ve worked with them on several Mendix applications development projects, and I can tell they are experts who are passionate about digital transformation, application design, ergonomics, technology and the success of their customers.

For each application, the multidisciplinary team was fully available, flexible and brought their creative and adaptive skills to the project and its timely completion.


They made us save valuable time and resources!

Benoit Bernheim

IT Innovation & Advisory officer, at Euler Hermes, a company of Allianz

We love new challenges and can’t wait to hear your digital transformation and process optimization need.

Contact us


    Contact us

    Jerusalem, Israel


    +972 54-6978327

    Paris, France


    +33 (1) 77478393

    Contact us

    Jerusalem, Israel


    +972 54-6978327

    Paris, France


    +33 (1) 77478393