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Today, more than ever, digital transformation is fundamental for business growth. Tocn’dix mission is to ease the transition to the digital world by providing secure and cost effective applications faster than traditional IT projects.

Our Story

We are masters of digitalization. Our passion is to deliver value from the best technology that fits your need. Thanks to our highly skilled software professionals with extended experience, we are committed to your success.

Digital transformation


We are using the Agile software development approach to efficiently adapt to the fast changing environment of an organization, and to focus on rapid delivery while optimizing risk management associated with digitalization.

This approach involves incremental and iterative work sessions to increase accuracy and visibility into each step of the project development.

Agile also means changing unspoken rules or priorities. Adopting these procedures include placing people and their interactions over processes. Or responding to change over following the plan.

Embracing digital transformation is not a choice anymore, it’s a necessity. Following the digital revolution, means driving business growth.

Fast and Smart approach


These innovative principles define a process of development focused on quality and on meeting customers’ expectations.

We are selecting people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Tocn’dix encourage a growth mindset among the members of the team and help them promote new concepts. That’s how we empower innovation.

Our team includes skilled professionals that speak English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Hebrew.
This cultural diversity is a clear competitive advantage when approaching different markets.

Even though Tocn’dix primary focus and expertise is centered on the Mendix platform, we have build a team proposing a diverse and complete range of skills that complements other team members’ abilities.

Our Team

Nice to meet you! We are masters of digitalization. Our passion is to deliver value from the best technology that fits your need. Thanks to our highly skilled software professionals with extended experience, we are committed to your success.

Data Model Definition is Key

« We start by creating collaboratively the user stories defining the application and only then we build the data model that gives us the ability to scale easily and effciently.

As a lead developer, it’s a priority for me to make sure we deliver innovative applications adaptable to the rapidly changing business needs. »

Aliah Harrosh

Mendix Lead Developer, TOCnDix

Powerful Scrum Process Framework

« Being a srum master is like building bridges between the development team, the product owner and the company.

I’m focused on the creation of a strong, skilled, cross functional team with a drive for success and continuous improvement. Ensuring projects’ execution using Agile principles is part of my responsibilities, however, I also need to ensure a strategic alignment between the different roles.
It is critical to the success of any application development and its implementation in the company. » 

Jennifer Madar

Scrum Master, TOCnDix

Improved Data Modeling

« Data modeling is absolutely necessary to better understand the SQL database, its structure and the relationships that exist within the database.

As an application developer, I truly believe that this is the first development step. Once the development started, the main battle is to ensure the input data is trustworthy and proper for its designed exploitation, but the challenging curation and data modeling process need to be addressed as well. »

Johannan Elbaz

Developer, TOCnDix

Low-Code, High Capabilities

« One of the best part for me, as a Mendix developer, is to take advantage of the model-driven development platform. ⠀
I can quickly and effectively conceive the data model with visual tools, while the code is generated. But it doesn’t mean I cannot extend my model and customize the code. ⠀
Here comes the strength of Mendix, where instead of analyzing the generated code to add some custom code, which is time consuming…, I can extend any microflow functionality directly in the Mendix modeler with connectors and widgets.⠀
In addition, I use the Mendix model SDK to get access to the meta model and extend the platform potential.⠀
Low code but High capabilities! »
Jordan Azeroual

Mendix Developer, TOCnDix

Unlocking Legacy Apps

« As a Mendix Developer, I’m dealing with a large amount of legacy systems that need to be replaced or improved. But we have to ensure continuity of the legacy data and most of the time, enable communication with third party services for data calculations and analysis.
Thanks to the Mendix low coding platform, we can easily and quickly build data aggregating applications, carefully using specific API’s calls, while securing data access only to users who have been granted permission. »
David Illouz

Mendix Developer, TOCnDix

Powerful Microflows

« When creating an algorithm, it’s often challenging to step back and investigate the application as a whole. With Mendix microflows, I can effectively and easily analyse my algorithm visually, and anticipate, upstream, potential bugs.
Therefore, the development process is much more efficient for our customers. »

Myriam Benchetrit

Mendix Developer, TOCnDix

Delivering State-Of-The-Art Digital Products

« First I need to get a comprehensive understanding of the customer need and the goal of the application. QA is not only about finding bugs.

As I see it, it’s a way to deliver an improved application, by analyzing the product from different perspectives and anticipate any end user expectations. »

Jonathan Donnard

Project Manager & QA, TOCnDix

Agility and Continuous Delivery

« Being a Mendix developer makes it easier for me to bring agility to my development projects and to embrace changes in our client’s fast moving work environment. The time lapse between the application data model building and the test of a real functional application is extremely short comparing to traditional coding technologies. This way I’m able to find and fix bugs during the early development stage and optimize the time to market. Thanks to continuous delivery, I’m improving my coding skills and I build better software, faster. »

Elina Rebibo

Mendix Developer, TOCnDix

Effective Communication and Best Practices

« As a Mendix Lead Developer, I believe that effective communication and developing best practices is key to successful and streamlined projects.
Another essential factor is to work with efficient tools and the Mendix platform definitely eases this process as it considerably reduces the application delivery time without compromising the security and privacy requirements of our applications. »
Vered Lefkowitz

Lead Developer, TOCnDix

Optimize Runtime Performance

« The Mendix developer portal makes it easier for me to monitor and optimize runtime performance. The microflow time stamp is particularly useful to time microflows execution and identify the slow ones. ⠀
Once located, I find the performance issue resolution more efficient with the visual Mendix microflows as I try to keep the least database retrieves and commits necessary.⠀
When I create a microflow I always keep in mind that it’s not a single use algorithm, that it could be easily adapted to another application and save valuable development time. This is the strength of low coding and visual development tools like Mendix. »
Levana Dahan

Mendix Developer, TOCnDix

Low Code Optimized

« I’m committed to ensure code consistency, improve general code quality and to gather and integrate the several functions created into a comprehensive set of actions, reusable for future development. Moreover, being a lead developer means aslo for me, aggregation of knowledge to refine development work process and optimize tasks stream (commit, demo and more). »

Dan Dray

Mendix Lead Developer, TOCnDix

Make Software Security a Top Priority

« As a lead developer, I make application security a top priority. I lead the way in ensuring at each milestones, that the security tests are properly performed.

In term of Mendix project security, I’m controlling the security settings at the module level: first by defining the different module roles and then by establishing security settings for the pages, nanoflows, microflows and entities.
This way, I’m able to specify security settings for each module and create tailored application security program for each application based on different requirements. »

Yehoshoua Choukroun

Mendix Lead Developer, TOCnDix

Amaze User with the WOW Factor

« As the famous Milton Glaser said “There are three responses to a piece of design—yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” This is my motto.

When designing an application’s screens, I start by writing stories in an environment that replicates the real end user environment. Because adding the #wow effect to the #UI is obviously a priority but it shouldn’t be at the expense of the #usability wow factor. »

Sarah Lascar

UI/UX Designer, TOCnDix

Powerful Mendix DataHub

« As an experienced Mendix developer, I was already enjoying the advantages of quickly building applications on the Mendix platform, even though it implied most of the time, writing REST API’s to enable data access and treatment.
From my point of view, the release of the Mendix Data Hub is a real game changer as it will provide real time access and update to external data, and therefore reduce even more the development time, decrease the storage need and overall improve the applications efficiency. The DataHub is based on ODATA which is basically a simple and easy way for querying and updating data. I’m ready for the next Mendix Low-code revolution! #GoMakeIT »
Shmuel Bokobza

Mendix Developer, TOCnDix

The Team

Please meet our most valuable asset: the Tocndix international team of dynamic, avid learners, challenge seekers, software specialists.

We are thriving through digital transformation with the agile methodology, but without an agile team we couldn’t stay ahead of our goals. Our team includes various roles such as: project owners, scrum masters and software engineers.



TOCn’Dix Positions

Tocn’dix has it’s own project managers, lead manager, UI/UX experts, highly skilled Mendix and full stack developers, Q/A and consulting experts.

We have the ability to build a powerful team devoted to your project from ideation to implementation and support.

Our Vision

Digital business transition is mandatory to optimize profitability and growth but is also the ultimate challenge in organization management.

Our vision is to remove the barrier of technology and open the digital world even to the most traditional industries, by providing companies with simple solutions to adapt to the market competition and business partners requirements.

Digital transformation

Nowadays you either go digital or go home. Your digital transformation is a necessary disruption to compete in the digitized economy.

This transition will help you exceed your customers expectations and help your employees be more effective. By keeping all your departments interconnected and automate your business processes you’ll optimize your resources allocations and increase profitability.

Fast and Smart approach

By taking advantage of the Mendix technology and adopting an Agile strategy, we help you achieve your goals faster with less resources. Forget the time consuming IT projects without giving up on digital transformation.

In this fast changing environment, undertaking the challenges of the digital revolution, requires a deep understand of the IT world but more importantly it requires a smart and effective approach.

We love new challenges and can’t wait to hear your digital transformation and process optimization need.

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    Contact us

    Jerusalem, Israel


    +972 54-6978327

    Paris, France


    +33 (1) 77478393