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Team Up – Where IT, HR and planing meet

TeamUp makes it easy to manage your development teams, keeps everyone connected and support your business growth. Answer human ressources department needs, optimize team/project allocation and improve collaboration and communication among team members: all in one platform!

IT teams & digital transformation


Today, more than ever, effective digital transformation is key to long term business growth and success. The driving force of software development success is human ressources. 

The most common reasons for IT projects failures are: late delivery, exceeding budget or not meeting software goals. To avoid these mistakes you have to enhance communication and collaboration between team members. But not only. The right engineer assignment at the right time is key to successful and optimized workflow in your development company.



  • Payroll reports: Working hours -office/remote, holidays, sick days
  • Assignments: Optimize your workforce assignment and improve productivity
  • Tracking: Get the big of picture and  performance analytics to bring the most out of your engineers
  • Project management: Enhance communication and collaboration  between team members and save precious time. 

TeamUp puts people first and give you the big picture to help you make the right decision at the right time.

Company Dashboard

Our effective and supportive platform, helps you optimize your talent management and foster growth. 

Manager view

Manage your teams assignments

On-boarding process made easy

Payroll attendance reports

Follow your teams progress

Keep track and plan optimal human ressources allocation



Employee view

Keep track of your time and attendance

Project assignements management

Easy and effective team communication and updates

Follow your team progress and acheivements


Automate your HR paperwork and optimize your time and workforce management, in one place

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